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Equal opportunity

Our company believes in the power of group consciousness and its advantage over individual one. We also have a strong faith that the personal well-being of each member depends on the unity of that community itself. So, unlike other ICO projects where the founders collect money and decide alone where to invest your money, we go the other way. Namely: take into account the voice of every person from our association when making investment decisions. In a closed forum only interested real ITETRY tokens owners will discuss and choose the best variants. We in "ITETRY" are all different but equal.




Smart Investments

Open to Cooperation






ITETRY token ERC-20 Contract 0x529dc4a92d9b50878b4877e172c14f4bd33289eb

ITETRY token BEP-20 Contract 0x7596B1C6767e3443ddD55d72fF5272939695299D


Token Name

100 Million

Maximum Supply

40 Million

Free Sales (40%)

20 Million

Remuneration (20%)

13 Million

Project Support (13%)

8 Million

Team (8%)

8 Million

Marketing (8%)

5 Million

Reserve (5%)

3 Million

Offer Inestor (3%)

3 Million

ICO/IEO (3%)


Project development in the next 2 years

Creating a new brand, token, website

Conducting an ICO

Start adverting campaign

Listing on stock exchanges

Attracting investment and marketing

Presentation project to inverstors

PR of the project

Creating platform user voting

Creating and developing ITETRY Ecosystem

Switching to a personal blockchain

Personal wallet development

Any other questions?

Here you will find the answers!

We propose to create a mechanism where each investor participates in the decision, but at the same time his individual decision is not decisive, i.e. there is a leveling of emotions and other interfering factors at the expense of the general group democratic consciousness. This is a kind of democratic market, where common sense and responsibility rule. We believe that a project with such principles will bring profit to our participants and create a platform for many talented people to take off into the world of investment, who, by the will of fate, do not have huge funds for full participation in the investment market. Thus, we will give the opportunity to try their hand at the investment business to anyone, even those who do not have experience and large funds, while reducing risks and increasing opportunities.

We present to your attention a concept that will create unlimited opportunities for development and income for all interested parties. The combination of traditional payment services with blockchain technology can be compared without exaggeration to the Big Bang, as a result of which, according to one of the theories, the Universe arose. And now we are witnessing the emergence of a new coordinate system!

Currently, the blockchain is used in transactions between participants with smart contracts, which provide guarantees of the security of their execution, since it is impossible to substitute and fake data, including the participants. Nevertheless, in contrast to the revolutionary innovation, we have a traditional system of values as a working model. A state-regulated system of payments using a banking card and a telephone, with the need to carry out identification procedures and control settlement participants.

We offer you a truly unique project for investment. The uniqueness of the project is that each participant can directly participate in the life of the project and regulate profits in several ways. The project will have a special closed forum where more global, promising investments in new projects or projects that have long existed will be discussed. Many indicators that are used by experienced traders will be used to assess the possible profit. But investing in one or another project will only happen as a result of a team vote. This significantly reduces the risks and increases the overall team profit. Also, everything that happens can be easily tracked on the blockchain network.

We offer cooperation on mutually beneficial, open terms. Each user of the project has a voice weight and can use it in this project

Our specialists are ready to offer you a profitable package of cooperation. You can also choose it yourself using our online resources

The growth of the project cost is based on its liquidity and the decisions made by our project investors.


Meet a Crew of Professionals

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